How Marxists Destroy America: Their Goal, Targets, and Tactics

The Goal: Totalitarianism by seizing power from We the People

The Targets:  System and People



Destruction of Church: the moral Foundation of America

  • Infiltrate and take control of churches and seminaries.
  • Replace or weaken Christianity with the “social” religion.
  • Misuse the principle of “separation of church and state”.
  • Use tax-exempt status to prevent clergymen from speaking about politics.
  • Discredit Christianity as a racist “white man’s religion” and “oppressive”.
  • Promote moral relativism at the expense of a concept of objective truth.
  • Reassign social services previously done by churches, religious institutions, fraternal organizations, or secular charities to the government.
  • Label religious beliefs as a dangerous social scourge, a mental illness.
  • Grant crippling penalties against churches for illegal acts by individual members

 Discredit American Founding

  • Discredit the American Constitution by calling it by white men and slave owners; and it is out of date
  • Discredit the American founding, e.g. The 1619 Project
  • Discredit and demean the American Founding Fathers, e.g. tearing down their statues and removing their names from institutions, streets…
  • Replace or eliminate national holidays or observances of America’s founders.
  • Attack national unity, e.g. promoting the Black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing”
  • Denounce America as a racist country by labeling it as institutional/structural/systemic racist
  • Teach anti-America history in school systems to promote anti-American sentiment, e.g. more than 90% public schools using biased Zinn Education Project in their curriculum for teaching history.

Discredit American Culture and Values

  • Replace American culture with multiculturalism and discourage assimilation
  • Replace meritocracy with affirmative action and now DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) programs.
  • Cancel America’s heritage and past.
  • Promote anti-America sentiment as first-amendment right.
  • Normalize degeneracy and promiscuity.

Undermine the Free Market System / Capitalism

  • Openly declare war on capitalism.
  • Expand government control or ownership of the means of production and distribution.
  • Demonize American prosperity as the result of exploitation of the world resources.
  • Promote class war and attempt to generate a Marxian proletariat class.
  • Blame all social ills on capitalism.
  • Promote redistribution of wealth.
  • Take control of corporations with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).
  • Protection big businesses at the expense of small businesses.
  • Crush small business with overwhelming laws and regulations.
  • Threaten our food security in the name of protecting the environment.
  • Erase memories of the catastrophic failures of socialism and communism.
  • Weaponize prudent environmental attention as a means to control private industry and business, inner-State commerce, and undercut prosperity.
  • Demonize fossil fuels while promote unreliable energy sources as the only available solution to a catastrophic climate-change narrative.

 Undermine the U.S. Government

  • Accelerate the overreach of federal power at the expense of state, local governments and individual liberties.
  • Create, expand and maintain the de facto “fourth branch” of the government, aka the “administrative state” or the unelected bureaucracy.
  • Weaponize the judicial system to attack and destroy political opponents.
  • Dismantle election integrity and cast doubt on disliked election results.
  • Discredit and erode the primacy of the electoral college process.
  • Create and expand the dependency of individuals, organizations and corporations on the government with welfare programs.
  • Radicalize all branches of the US government including the military by institutionalizing anti-American ideological programs.
  • Promote Lawlessness
  • Undermine the role of law and justice as fundamental mechanisms of societal correction and adaptation.
  • Promote protests as the ideal venue for expressing one’s opinions about social/political issues while shutting down debate, argument, persuasion or compromise.
  • Demonize police and de-legitimize their functions.
  • Promote the radical idea of replacing police with social workers.
  • Prioritize the rights of criminals over that of victims or society.
  • Propagate the fallacy that legitimate incarceration is synonymous with torture or slavery.
  • Establish a pattern of refusing to prosecute and then freeing suspects.

 Take Control of ALL Non-Governmental Institutions and Professions

  • Take Over Educational Systems (K-12, higher education, both public & private)
  • Dumb down the population by de-emphasizing academic excellence and lowering standards
  • Promote social activism over education.
  • Push social issues as such CRT (Critical Race Theory) and QRT (Critical Queer Theory) through programs such as the re-purposed SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and CSE (Comprehensive sexuality education).
  • Sexualize children at younger and younger ages, e.g. promote porn books in school libraries in the name of fighting against censorship.
  • Fragilize students by institutionalizing mental health services inside schools at the expense of personal resilience or social / familial bonds.
  • Remove parents from the education process and eliminate or control parent-teacher organizations.
  • Eliminate parental evaluation of curriculum and textbooks.
  • Establish schools as government-sanctioned “safe places” for proper child development in the name of rescuing children from domestic abuse.
  • Teach students to be activists rather than citizens.
  • Prevent private schools from enjoying the benefits of public institutions and revenue.
  • Expand schools to become one-stop welfare and entitlement centers for meals, clothing, comfort and counseling known as the Community Schools model.
    • Take Control of the Media, Social Media and Other Platforms
  • Take control of corporate media, streaming services, social media, publishing, etc.
  • Take control of search engines, reference materials and websites.
  • Take control of libraries and art institutions.
  • Take control of the entertainment and gaming industries.
  • Promote Censorship by labeling “politically incorrect” free speech as hate speech.
  • Take Control of the Narratives and Manipulate Public Opinions.
  • Take control of defining permissible words and phrases.
  • Take Over all Other Institutions and professional standards.

Replace American Sovereignty with Globalism

  • Attack Nationalism and Patriotism as “white supremacy”.
  • Promote WEF (World Economic Forum) agenda at the expense of national interests.
  • Promote UN (United Nation) agenda at the expense of national interests.
  • Promote WHO (World Health Organization) agenda at the expense of national interests.
  • Silence those who criticize or even question directives from these Globalist institutions.


Destruction of Family, the Building Block of a Society

  • Demote and denigrate marriage and motherhood.
  • Promote single mother households.
  • Replace parents with “experts” in teaching values to the children.
  • Drive a wedge between children and parents with anti-American, anti-traditional, anti-family ideologies.
  • Undermine manhood and fatherhood.
  • Promote abortion with public funds.
  • Make divorce easy enough to destabilize functional families.
  • Equate having children to harming the planet; impose guilt for procreation.
  • Promote careers specifically at the expense of family for women.
  • Reinterpret human sexual preference and behavior as the politically-defined “LGBTQ+” and promote versions of it which destabilize families, society and children.

 Divide the People

  • Promote identity politics; foment wars between races/ethnicity, sexes, genders…
  • Replace individuals with group identities.
  • Create a snitching culture to undermine social trust.
  • Promote victimhood as a source of legitimacy and identity.
  • Promote hate and us-versus-them thinking using Marxist oppressor vs oppressed doctrine.
  • Remove the concepts of compromise, agreeing-to-disagree, forgiveness and tolerance.
  • Denigrate adherence to objective reality and promote relativism.

Take Away People’s Rights

  • Work to disarm the population.
  • Criminalize self-defense.
  • Dismantle the 1st Amendment by calling free speech hate speech.
  • Dilute the votes of the citizens.
  • Delegitimize citizenship.
  • Legitimize discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, etc.
  • Destroy health choice and freedom, e.g. force vaccination or other medical interventions over individual objections.
  • Weaken the Middle Class with high taxes and Out-of-Control Inflation.

Weaken the People Physically and Emotionally

  • Promote unhealthy food that is responsible of widespread obesity and chronic illnesses.
  • Supply illicit drugs and drug precursors at very low prices to exacerbate the pre-existing opioid dependency epidemic.
  • Change from healing and health models of medicine to dependency and chronic illness models.
  • Mandate vaccines or other medical interventions regardless of context with coercive state power.
  • Destroy the societal fabric and push people into self-imposed isolation (loneliness; minority or class challenges) or government-mandated isolation (Covid lockdowns).
  • Give mental health and social-influencing / social work organizations the legal powers of arrest and detention without due process.
  • Create serious mental distress with 24×7 barrage of news depicting a world at war on every level of life.